Creamy Goody Crunch review | Chatting with @GoodyBeats!

Time for a review of the latest LIMITED EDITION ice cream from Killer Creamery, Creamy Goody Crunch. It was a joint endeavor with Logan Delgado, AKA Goody Beats. I messaged Logan a little while ago to see if he’d like to chat a bit about this new flavor, and he was gracious enough to hang out on Skype with me for a little while! Be sure to watch until the end, because he drops a couple of HUGE pieces of EXCLUSIVE Goody news on all of us!

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the freak of nature that it Goody Beats, here’s his YouTube channel.

Creamy Goody Crunch sold out in a matter of days, but hopefully there’ll be another round of it sometime down the road. In the meantime, here’s a link to my pals over at Killer Creamery, who have an amazing assortment of keto-specific ice creams:

Killer Creamery Reviews:

Killer Creamery / Goody Beats launch day video:

My 90-day cut with

Mammoth Creameries – Vanilla Bean

Mammoth Creameries is an Austin, TX-based ice cream company. I recently took the plunge and ordered their keto sampler pack — two pints of both of their flavors. This is my review of their Vanilla Bean flavor!

Until the end of April, you can use the code ADKETO at to save $5 off your order!

And here’s their product request form:

Sunday with Sara week 36!

Someone has hit a NEW low weight! This week, we talk a little bit about intermittent fasting, calling audibles, putting bodily fluids in weird places, and grammatical pet peeves (cue screaming).

Here are some links to some of the fascinating things we talked about this week:

The creator of the huddle was actually DEAF!!! 8:08 Creator of the huddle was actually deaf!

Zero (the fasting app):

New HFHF merch (10% of everything goes to the American Autism Association):


Will it blend? Will it blend?

Breville immersion blender:

Does coffee break a fast?

Killer Creamery:

Mammoth Creameries:

Keto Ice Cream Review: Keto Pint – Coffee

Coffee Ice cream is totally my thing. I was excited that Keto Pint featured coffee as one of their launch flavors on their Kickstarter.

How’s their java coffee do in the texture, taste, carb, and ingredient departments?

90-day cut, days 1-7

Sunday with Sara week 35

It’s week 35 of the keto diet for Sara, and it featured a day trip to New York City, where we took in The Nintendo Store, The Empire State Building, and a weird dude outside a Vitamin Shoppe who complimented our cranky son’s bowler hat.

If you’re able, please support Dr. Ken Berry, whose Camden, TN practice was destroyed by a fire this week. Here’s a playlist of some of his videos (just start it and let the ads play):

And here’s his Patreon:

Good Dee’s mixes yielded some great low-carb options for our boys’ birthday party. You can use the code ADKETO at Deana’s website to save 15% on your order:

Mental Floss article on the proper number of spaces following a period:

Starting a 90-Day cut with!

I’m starting a three-month cut! Now…prior to about a month ago, I only had a vague notion of what that meant. But my IG pal Jonathan Shane (aka gave me the skinny, and offered to coach me through it. How could I refuse?! This cut is based on the Deeper State Keto protocol, and Jonathan is one of the official coaches in that program. You can check him out on IG right here:

We’re hoping to make this a weekly check-in series, so if you’ve got comments or questions about this process, leave them in the comments section over on YouTube, and we’ll do our best to answer them next time!